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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to work with you, the client?

A burning question, and one that cannot be answered until we receive a design brief for the project or compile one with you the client. Each company or product is different from the next, and therefore will have a different set of objectives and parameters. The price will also vary depending on the scale of the rollout and scope of usage of the proposed corporate or product identity. Usually one of the biggest factors is the size and market reach of the company involved. Here larger companies tend to require a lot of research, brand strategy and positioning, coupled with a large complex implementation – where a smaller company would have much more streamlined needs, and simplified rollout. Contact us and we can quote you according to your needs.

Will I own the artwork afterwards?

After invoicing and full payment, you (the client) will assume full ownership of the completed artwork and designs, including a set of ‘master’ artwork files suitable for all printed and digital media. We will reserve the right afterward, to showcase any or all of this work for future promotion of Design Oval, and for entry to design awards (hopefully!).

Another designer charges less than you, why is this so dear?

With design it is impossible to make direct comparisons between designers. Why is one brand of perfume, clothing or a car more expensive than another? They serve different functions, and have different levels of quality. The same applies to designers and this is why you must choose your designer wisely and carefully.

I am not close to you, or in another country, can we still work together?

Absolutely! With advances in digital proofing and communications many of our dealings with clients take place via telephone, email or even video conferencing. While we always welcome the opportunity to sit down and chat through projects with clients, this is often not possible as schedules are hectic at times and time spent to travel to and from meetings is an hour or half hour too much in a day that is jam packed. When face to face meeting are not possible we make it work by using modern technology to communicate and save precious time in a full day! All clients receive a mobile phone number as well as our email contacts, either Robyn or Erna will be available to talk with you. Office hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.

What formats do you provide finished artwork in?

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or 300dpi PDF’s are the principle print file formats that we provide. Vector files of any non “scan” image can be supplied, which means it can be reproduced at any size without loss in quality. For online, multimedia or inhouse use we usually provide a set of bitmap files (.jpg .png .tif .gif). Other file formats can be supplied by arrangement. Delivery is usually on disk (CD or DVD), by FTP or by email. We also offer a full ‘asset management’ service whereby we can securely store all design assets and make them available as they are required by third parties during the brand roll-out and beyond.