Design Oval

The agency is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals – all working together as a team. Meet our key persons


Pia Robinson Senior Designer

With more than 15 years of brand design behind me, I find great excitement in translating an idea into reality. It’s always a rewarding privilege to play a part in the transformation and evolution of a valued brand. To delight the client and exceed their expectations is what we strive for at Design Oval!

Erna du Plessis Owner Design Oval - Creative side of things!

An absolute passion for anything design! The chemistry and magic that happens between the words of a brand strategy into creating a visual tangible Brand and concept is what is most rewarding! Founding member of Design Oval and a qualified creative with communication and interpretation studies, I thrive on the ability to translate a brand positioning and essence into a visual look and feel that fits the brand personality.

Robyn Doak Owner Design Oval - Marketing & Client service side of things!

With a MBA and background at MacKinsey consulting and ample brand and marketing management plus client service experience I have a full understanding of the world of brand management and can add value to your brand strategy and evaluate and manage the translation of that into a brand design. The excitement of finding solutions for your brands is what we DO…

Fiona Goldthorpe Senior Designer

My passion for design started with newspapers and advertising, then rounded itself out with brand strategy and packaging design. With almost 20 years in the design industry, I work solo as well as collaboratively with my super talented design team to transform client briefs into creative magic.

Marilie Viviers Senior Designer

As a qualified graphic designer with 13 years experience I still love what I do every day and believe in great design, which is creativity with strategy. For me, design isn’t the application of formal skills but a way of thinking.