Design Oval


What makes us different?...
We have the Flexibility and Culture to adapt in a rapidly shifting industry and we all know
Flexibility grows fresh ideas!

Brand Design

Brands must be designed in line with your positioning, strategy and talk to your target audience. As your most valuable asset your brand must function as an economic entity – …

Corporate Design

This means that design is not just graphical in nature but also the planning of processes to achieve certain goals. Large corporations clearly understand this and incorporate every form of design …

Packaging Design

Understanding the complexities of packaging design is a specialised skill. A combination of technical expertise, strategic understanding and creativity come together for the best balance between form and function. We are …

Brochure Design

Communicating the unique benefits of your product or service in long or short form, depending on the requirements of the brand and setting. These will entail: Marketing brochures, Product catalogues …

Logo Design

The importance of a logo is vital. Your logo is your brand, it is not just a name or symbol, it represents the relationship with your consumer. Logo creates the identity …


We have an extensive network of relevant suppliers including printers, photographers, stylists, illustrators, event management teams and activation companies.


A studio dedicated to retouching of any images either supplied to us or sourced internally.


Depending on content and needs, the art department sources and directs professional outsourced photography or conducts in-house photography and styling when necessary.

Origination to Printer Specifications

Full understanding and implementation of pre-press origination, as well as constant communication with printers and suppliers until the final product is produced, perfectly.

Point of Sale Elements

Design of all and any POS elements including wobblers, banners, flags, posters, defenders and stands. We also have a full network of suppliers should you need us to organise production.

Corporate Brochure

Corporate brochures are essential for communicating your business to interested parties. Bringing the image to life and creating a synergistic look across all elements is crucial for this type of …


Performance is about sustaining distinctiveness and in doing so our team absorb the information from client along with analysis from competitive research within the marketplace. Once that is digested the …

What makes us different?…..

Our flexibility is our key to success. As a specialist design agency we are able to give you and your brand individual time and personalised, hands-on, expert solutions.

We’re known for our innovative thinking and strategic understanding of brands and are passionate about brand development and packaging design. Design Oval focuses on the technical aspects of design aswell and can therefore ensure that the design translates to print, without sacrificing any creativity.

What our Flexibility means

• it means there are creative experts at work

• it means you work directly with the experts

• it means when you call us in crisis mode (as it happens) we can assist

• it means no time delays, no red tape bureaucracy and traffic

• it means we respect the importance of deadlines

• it means better solutions and creative thinking,

• it means we deliver more, do more thus you the client benefit more

• it means having the capacity and resources to expand and contract to client needs

• it means we are big enough to get the job done and small enough to care

• it means when the budget is tight we can negotiate

• it means there is always a way, and if one does not exist we create one

• it means the end goal is to get the job done and done well to propel you the client forward

• it means we deliver from concept to completion

• it means ee work in synergy and partnership with our clients

• it means we can get involved at any stage of a project, or run full projects from beginning to end

Our clients vary from start-ups and small businesses to established blue-chip multi-nationals. We are affordable, work within the required budget and are open to negotiations.